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Tamar Simon

HaMidrasha graduate. Had a solo exhibition at Nulobaz Collaborative Space for Contemporary Art and participated in group exhibitions at the Artists’ Studios in Tel Aviv,  Zuzu Gallery, Be’er Shava Museum, Zadik Gallery and more. Simon’s paintings and drawings deal with the tension between the individual and the public, as well as the beauty and violence which result from this tension. The materials and tools she uses are removed from their low-cost sources and placed at the center of the viewer's gaze through concentrated artistic action. Portrait painting is the primary tool through which she attempts to give contemporary form and meaning to this traditional craft. Her recent projects focus on a multiplicity of individual portraits, based on live models, photographs she takes herself and photographed images she collects, mostly of African refugees. The portraits express feelings of alienation and fear as well as the tension between what is broken and disconnected and what is whole. These are the same emotions which motivate Simon as she encounters her sources of inspiration – images of refugees that have recently disembarked from a ship, Shakespearean figures from old plays, self-portraits and classic paintings from art history – and they are what drive her need to paint each character just as she experiences them.


2008-2012 The School of Art – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl Academic College, Kfar Saba, Israel


2024 "no ground", solo exhibition, Petah Tikva Museum.

2022 “International Refugee Day”, The Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

2022 Bar-David Museum of Art "The Yellow Brick Path", Kibbutz Baram.

2021 '48 hours' exhibition, in Kiryat Al-Malaka, Tel Aviv.

2021 "Portraits-Drawings",Artists House, Tel Aviv.

2021 'flowers and birds', nulobaz Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2021 “Biennale 1”, drawing in Rishon Lezion.

2020 Freshpaint, Artists’ Greenhouse, gordon Galley, Tel Aviv

2020 Freshpaint, Artists’ Greenhouse, special edition 2020 online.

2019 My Name is Legion, Solo Exhibition, Nolubaz Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2019 Spoke action at a distance, Group Show, Nolubaz Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2019  The Collectivists, Group Show, Artist House, Tel Aviv

2019 Alternative Nation, Group Show, Zuzu Gallery.

2018 Gatekeepers, Group Show, Yavne

2017 La coltor, Group Show, Community Center in Tel Aviv

2017 Non Place Movement and Dance, Group Show, Central Gallery Station Tel Aviv/

2017 Play it Art to get, group show, ArtSpace Tel Aviv.

2017 Provocative Art - Lite+, Office Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2017 Disgust and revulsion, group show, The central gallery,Tel Aviv Israel

2017 Landscape carpets, group show, The Diaghilev, Tel Aviv Israel

2016 Painting Camp 2016: activists -Negev Museum

2015 Bastards, group show, Under a Thousand Art gallery, Tel-Aviv Israel

Affordable Art Fair, Under a Thousand Art Gallery, Amsterdam NL

Nekudat Zkhut, Group Show, Herzlilinblum Museum, Tel-Aviv Israel

2012 Thesis Exhibition, Hamidrasha, Beit Berl Academic College, Kfar Saba, Israel

2010 Ehevuni, duo show with Shony Rivnay , Tabi Dresner Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2008 Night and Day, group show, Gilit Fischer gallery, Tel-Aviv Israel

Professional Experience

2002-2015 Tamar Simon studio, Tel Aviv, commissioned paintings for private collections

2012-2015 Shony Rivnay studio, Tel Aviv, assistant

2013 Rafram Chaddad studio, Tel Aviv, assistant

2010 Tzivi Geva’s show in Jaffa Hangar, Jaffa, assistant

2007 Gilit Fischer Gallery, Tel Aviv, assistant


ST-art (bySergeTiroche) Art Collection, Tel-Aviv Israel- | +972503001066




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